Winter is just around the corner, and you must be getting your furnace all set for the weather. However, suppose you are looking forward to a new installation or furnace replacement in Edmonton. In that case, it’s pretty essential to choose a high-efficiency furnace to save money in the long run.

Thankfully, Goodman furnaces come to the rescue due to their energy-efficient technology and durability. Founded in 1982, Goodman is an American company that manufactures superior heating and air conditioning equipment for residential and commercial sites.

Nevertheless, before you start using your furnace in a full-swing, you need to perform some simple steps to make it all set, such as resetting the limit switch.

What is a Limit Switch?

A limit switch is a crucial part of a furnace that is responsible for turning off/on the furnace fan depending upon the room’s temperature. It ensures the safety as well as cost-efficiency of the unit.

All Goodman residential furnaces contain limit switches to enable the safe operation of the unit while saving energy. These limit switches can be divided into the following types:

  • Primary Limit Switch: This limit switch prevents the furnace from reaching super high temperatures that can be dangerous. It is programmed to reset automatically after a malfunction.
  • Rollout Limit Switch: This limit switch is activated only when the burner flames are not adequately drawn into the heat exchanger. Unlike the primary limit switch, the rollout limit switch is reset manually. But you don’t need to be concerned at all because resetting the rollout limit switch in a Goodman furnace takes only seconds!

However, if you find any difficulty resetting the limit switch or observing any malfunction, leave it to a professional furnace repair in Edmonton.

Steps For Resetting a Goodman Furnace’s Limit Switch

Step 1

Before handling any component of a furnace, it’s essential to turn off any power supply. Locate the circuit breaker switch corresponding to the Goodman furnace and flip it to the “Off” position.

Step 2

Remove the furnace’s access panel to reach the internal components. Just hold and lift the sides of the panel straight up. This will make sure the retaining tabs at the bottom of the furnace cabinet are clear.
Please note that some Goodman furnace models might require you to remove some screws to open it. After you successfully remove the access panel, set it aside. However, if handling these components seem confusing, do not hesitate to call a professional furnace repair in Edmonton.

Step 3

Locate the rollout limit switch, which you can find on the burner assembly. It usually looks like a rounded component with a distinct red button in the centre.

Step 4

Press and hold this red “Reset” button. Just hold the button for one to two seconds before releasing it.

If you find any difficulty while resetting the Goodman furnace, do not proceed further without a professional around. At Mobil Heating & AC, we provide the best quality repairs, installation, and furnace replacement in Edmonton.

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