Summer is the season to enjoy cool air indoors, but if your home’s air conditioning system is not functioning optimally, you may find yourself sweltering in the heat. To ensure your AC system runs efficiently and lasts longer, it’s crucial to perform regular maintenance and repairs. Ignoring signs of trouble with your air conditioning system could result in costly repairs or even a complete system replacement.

If you’re looking for reliable air conditioner repair in Edmonton, Mobil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is here to help. In this blog post, we’ve compiled ten signs that indicate it’s time to schedule AC repair.

Weak Airflow

Weak airflow from the AC system could be an indication of a clogged or dirty air filter, a malfunctioning blower motor, or leaking ducts. Reduced airflow means your home isn’t receiving the cool air it needs to stay comfortable. Schedule your AC repair in Edmonton, AB, with us today to ensure your air conditioner is working at peak efficiency.

Strange Noises

It is never a good sign when an AC system makes strange sounds, such as grinding or banging. It could indicate a problem with the fan or motor. The earlier you address the issue, the less likely you’ll experience a breakdown.

Foul Smells

Foul odors from your AC unit could indicate mold or mildew growth in the ductwork or even an electrical issue. Mold can cause allergies, respiratory infections, and other health problems, whereas electrical issues can be a safety hazard. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent whatever the issue may be.

High Humidity

If you notice high humidity levels in your home, your AC unit may not be functioning optimally. High humidity levels can cause mold growth and other health problems.

Warm Air

If your AC system is blowing warm air, it could be due to a refrigerant leak or a malfunctioning compressor. It’s essential to have the system inspected and repaired to avoid further damage. Call us to schedule your air conditioning repair today if you live in and around Edmonton, AB.

High Utility Bills

A sudden increase in energy bills could indicate that your AC system is not functioning optimally. This could be due to a variable number of reasons, so a professional inspection and repair is the safest way to go about it. The longer you delay repairs, the higher your utility bills will become.

Leaking Water

Leaking water from your AC unit could indicate a clogged drain line, dirty evaporator coils, or a damaged condensate pump. Water leaks can cause significant water damage and mold growth. Contact your HVAC professionals immediately if you notice this issue with your unit.

Short Cycling

If your AC system turns on and off frequently, it could be due to a malfunctioning thermostat or a dirty air filter. Short cycling can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the system, resulting in costly repairs.

Decreased Efficiency

If you notice that your AC system is taking longer to cool your home or is struggling to maintain a consistent temperature, it could indicate decreased efficiency. This can result in higher utility bills and more frequent breakdowns, so addressing the issue as soon as possible is essential.

Ice On The AC Unit

If you notice ice forming on your AC unit, it could indicate a refrigerant leak or poor airflow. Ice can damage the compressor and other components, resulting in costly repairs. Hence, if you notice ice forming on your AC unit and you happen to reside in Edmonton, AB, contact us to get your AC repaired and back in top shape.

Regular maintenance and repairs can keep your AC system functioning optimally and prolong its lifespan. If you notice any of the above signs, scheduling your AC repair appointment is best to avoid costly bills and system breakdowns.

Mobil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. provides reliable and affordable air conditioner repair services in Edmonton. Contact us today for a consultation.