For an air conditioner to function smoothly, it requires diligent maintenance and cleaning at regular intervals. An air conditioner is made up of various components, and each component has to be cleaned with proper care. One such part of your air conditioner is the evaporator coils, which require proper attention as well.

Evaporator coils are present in the indoor unit of the air conditioner and are responsible for capturing the heat from the inside of your house. These coils are made up of copper and play a major role in cooling your space. Like any other part of the air conditioner, evaporator coils get dirty too. The dust & dirt accumulated on the evaporator coils can cause multiple problems like increased energy consumption, production of warm air, damages to the system, etc.

Steps To Clean Your AC Evaporator Coils

Even though it is always advisable to schedule an AC repair in Edmonton for professional cleaning of your air conditioner unit, you can follow the steps below to have accurate information regarding the cleaning of evaporator coils, for times when you need to address the issue on your own:

1. Accessing The Evaporator Coils

  • First, turn off the system.
  • Unscrew the access panel present on the indoor handling unit.
  • You will be able to access the coils after removing the access panel.

Now, there are various methods and materials with which you can clean the coils. Each method requires different steps to be followed.

2. Cleaning Using Compressed Air

Compressed air can be used to get rid of light accumulations of dirt.

  • The compressed air should be directed across the coil, opposite to the normal airflow.
  • Bring the air nozzle closer for the rigid pieces of debris.
  • With high-pressure air, position the air at a 90-degree angle to avoid damage to the fins.
  • Keep the airflow consistent and ensure to not blow the dust into your living space or the ductwork.

3. Cleaning with a brush

Brush cleaning can be used to sweep away minor dirt accumulations. Instead of chemical cleaning, you can use this method; however, ensure to use soft bristle brushes to prevent any damages to the fins.

4. Cleaning with mild detergents

  • Take a solution of warm water and a simple detergent in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the solution on the coils and let it soak in to loosen the dirt
  • Remove the debris & dirt with a cloth or a brush and repeat if needed.

5. Cleaning with strong chemicals

When commercial cleaners and other methods fail to provide perfect cleaning, you can turn to heavy-duty cleaning. This type of cleaning is executed using a pressure washer or steam cleaner and also requires detaching your system. These strong chemicals should be on your list only when your coils are heavily soiled. You can call the technician who provided AC installation in Edmonton for a detailed inspection and cleaning.

Dirty evaporator coils can severely affect your system, and so they should be cleaned monthly. Mobil Heating & A/C offers customer-oriented air conditioner installation services in Edmonton. To book an AC installation or any other AC services, call us at 780-463-5063 today.