If you have an air conditioner system at home, it is typical that you will eventually become worried about its efficiency. Like any other machine, you must repair the HVAC system on time should you face any problems.

Air conditioner repair in Edmonton will not be a problem for you as various professional HVAC contractors are available. We will explain how much time an AC service provider needs to repair your unit.

Factors Influencing The Time Taken To Fix Your AC.

  • The Size Of Your Unit

The size of your HVAC system plays a pivotal role in deciding how much time you need to repair your AC. A bigger one means your home must be larger and the energy requirement is high, and the technicians for AC repair in Edmonton require more time to fix it.

  • Broken Compressor

We think we do not need to tell you how essential a compressor is for an air conditioner. This problem is quite complex and might take a day, depending on the technicians for AC repair in Edmonton. This issue happens because any professional service provider will first ensure that each part is available for the compressor.

  • Strange Noise Issue

Your AC may often make weird noises that you are unfamiliar with. This noise problem can happen due to several reasons:

  1. The dirty air filters obstruct the air from flowing adequately.
  2. The fan motor is losing its working capacity.
  3. The ducts have leaks inside.
  4. Any broken belt inside your unit, etc.

You may hear sounds like whirring, banging, or clanking. Most of the time, you need to replace the belts only for the noise problem, and it usually takes about a few hours to deal with this for any professional for air conditioning repair in Edmonton.

  • Duct Problem

Repairing the ducts is a colossal task. When you opt for AC repair in Edmonton, the technicians do not start working even though you have told them about the damaged or leaky ducts.

The experts will ensure that each leak is discovered, and then the repair or replacement occurs. It might take weeks, depending on the size of the air conditioner.

  • Refrigerant Refill

The refrigerant is why the home gets cooler than outside in the blazing heat of the summer. During this time, it is usual that you may have to call for AC repair in Edmonton to refill the refrigerant a bit earlier, and it will take a few minutes to do that.

We advise you to take this precaution whenever you hear a bubbling noise from your air conditioner. These noises always indicate a leak or damage in one of the components of your air conditioning unit.


If the technicians for air conditioner repair in Edmonton find more than one problem with your system, the time frame for repair will increase. In this case, we advise you to choose only the best in the business – Mobil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Our comprehensive AC repair in Edmonton is affordable and professional. Connect with us at 780-463-5063 for more information.