Have you considered replacing your HVAC system but are unsure of the answer to the question, “How old is too old?” Don’t worry about it. Let’s look at some information concerning the air conditioning system age below to assist you in deciding whether or not to replace it.

  • The age of Your HVAC

Do you know how old your HVAC system is? You probably already know how long it’s been serving your home if you had it installed. On the other hand, if the air conditioning system was already installed when you moved in—an inherited AC—you may not be as sure about its age.

You can ask a professional like furnace repair Edmonton to know the manufacturer’s date, or you can go to the air conditioner’s exterior cabinet and look for the nameplate on the back. A manufacturer’s date should be on this nameplate. If it doesn’t, jot down the model and serial number and look up the AC model on the internet. You can use these digits to determine the date embedded in them.

  • The Standard AC Age Cutoff

A refrigerant-based air conditioner’s usual life span is 10 to 15 years, with most warranties covering 10 to 12 years. An air conditioner over 15 years old should almost probably be replaced. Even if it continues to work, it has a significantly greater danger of becoming an energy hog or failing catastrophically this summer, trapping you without air conditioning.

  • If Your AC Uses R22 Refrigerant

R22 was a widely used refrigerant that is being phased out due to its ozone-depleting effects. If your AC uses R22 refrigerant, it’s time to replace it and ensure your new system is more eco-friendly. The most frequent R22 substitute is R410-A, a refrigerant that performs identically to R22 but does not deplete the ozone layer.

  • The Cost of Repair Tests

Another factor to consider when determining whether to preserve or replace an older HVAC system is the expense of continuous maintenance and upkeep by furnace installation Edmonton, which can get more costly as the system gets older. Think about the system’s uptime history and the potential energy savings from upgrading to a more modern HVAC system.

Request an estimate from the technician if you need to schedule air conditioner repairs. Multiply the calculation by the air conditioner’s age. Is the total number of results greater than 5,000? In that case, it is always advisable to get it replaced.

Repair or Replace!

Suppose you’re approaching the time to replace your air conditioning equipment and aren’t sure whether to repair or replace it. You can probably push it a little further if it has been well-maintained over the years.

When you need to conduct an extensive repair every year, you can usually take the plunge and go from furnace installation Edmonton to AC replacement. These repair costs can quickly build up, so it may be better for your budget to invest in a new system instead.

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