You may have called an HVAC company for air conditioner repair in Edmonton for your home or workplace, but have you ever observed what the technician does? Do you know the steps that a technician follows for the proper servicing of your air conditioner?

Many air conditioners owners wish to know what a technician does while servicing their air conditioners, but they hesitate to do so. They may feel uncomfortable asking, and they do not want to stare at the technician while they work. Even if you are not interested in knowing this, you should know the basic steps to ensure that the technician serviced your air conditioner correctly.

Here is a Small Guide to Help You Understand What Happens During The Servicing of Your Air Conditioner:


Filters and Fin

With time, the filters and fins of the air conditioners accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. Dirty and clogged filters and fins affect the overall performance of the air conditioner. During the servicing, the technician cleans the filters and fins to improve the performance of the system. This cleaning ensures that there are no bacterial or fungal remains on the filters and fins.

Condenser and Evaporator Coil

Dust and dirt affect many parts of the air conditioner, and condenser and evaporator coils are two parts that get damaged. The technician ensures proper cleaning of the condenser and evaporator coils. If they wear out, they can cause the whole system to break down, and you will have to call a company for air conditioner repair in Edmonton to fix the issue.

Evaporator Fan

The technician also cleans the evaporator fan, like the filters, fins, condenser, and evaporator coils. There should not be any dust or mold on the evaporator fan.

Drain Line and Leakages

The drain line carries away the water from the system to the outside of the house. If the drain line has any blockages, water may drip into the house and cause water damage. There may be a foul smell and increased humidity level in the home due to drain line blockage and leakage. The technician thoroughly checks the drain line and removes any blockages so that you do not face such problems.

Coolant Level

The coolant level should be adequate in the air conditioner so that the system can absorb heat from the indoor air. If it is less than required, the air conditioner will not cool the house efficiently. The technician checks the level and refills it to maintain the needed amount.

Final Inspection

The technician may advise the owner of some replacement or repair work. The repair is usually not a part of the servicing schedule. If there is some repairing or replacement in the air conditioner, the owner should book an appointment with an air conditioner installation company in Edmonton.

Regular servicing of an air conditioner is necessary but can be costly. Let Mobil Heating help you in servicing your air conditioner at minimal rates. Look for an air conditioner installation in Edmonton, or contact us at 780-463-5063.