At one point in time, owning an air conditioner was considered a luxury. Nowadays, we cannot imagine summer without switching on the AC button, especially if you have senior members or infants at your home.

It is understandable to be caught off guard when a sudden breakdown of your HVAC device occurs. The compressor of the air conditioner might be at fault. A professional mechanic will be able to find a solution for your AC compressor. It would help if you got in contact with an HVAC organization for AC repair in Edmonton or close to you.

A Short Note on AC Compressor

A compressor is the core component of a cooling device. It acts as a heat transferring agent where the heat gets transferred and produced into cool air through the refrigerant. Since a refrigerant contains gas, it needs to transform the gas into a liquid and then again into gas. It is a repetitive process; all the components work together to keep your room at a comfortable temperature. A slight defect will have a major impact on the rest.

How to Figure Out if You have a Defective Compressor?

Most of the time, the signs of a defective compressor are noticeable. A close inspection will help you to figure it out. These are some of the points you need to watch out for.
  • The AC is producing intolerable sound.
  • The performance of the AC is slower than usual.
  • There is hardly any presence of cold air.
  • An issue with the circuit breaker.
  • Presence of dirt and grease.
  • Imbalance in the distribution of airflow.
  • The compressor keeps on running even if the AC switch is off.

Reason for the Complete Breakdown of an AC Compressor

Several factors can accumulate together to cause the pitfall of a compressor. Some of the factors are mentioned below:

Is It Getting the Required Power?

There might not be enough power for the compressor to function. You will notice the fan’s movement but no sign of the movement from the compressor.

All About Dirt and Grease

One of the greatest enemies of an electronic device is dirt, grease, and debris. A build-up in the condenser coil or filters can surely disrupt the airflow since dirt will act as a blockage. As a result, the condenser gets overheated due to pressure to blow out cold air.

Spotting the Leakage

If you locate moisture or liquid substance near your air conditioner, it is a direct sign of a leakage in the refrigerant coil. This liquid can be harmful to your family.

If you have been experiencing any of the points mentioned, then you should take the necessary steps. Either it needs to undergo a repair service, or a new installation. To know in-depth about installation, contact a professional for AC installation in Edmonton.

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