Owning an AC means seeing to its upkeep as well. Considering how high the temperature rises in Edmonton, many individuals tend to use their AC units continuously. This causes the system to begin wearing out regardless of the time that a person schedules an AC repair in Edmonton. One of the main parts that tend to wear out is the evaporator coil. This is the part of the system that houses the refrigerant, which pulls out the heat from the air sucked in and cooled it down. If an evaporator coil is damaged and begins to leak, an AC can’t produce cool air.

Why An Evaporator Coil Leak?

This is one of the most common leak areas present in an AC unit. It is often caused by the vibrations an AC makes, which causes the aluminum fins to create a hole in the coil’s copper tubing as time passes. Most of the time, this is seen in older units as the newer ones are more efficient. Once a leak has sprouted in the coil, the entire thing has to be changed.

Another reason is due to a chemical reaction caused by the refrigerant that passes through the coils. This reaction creates a formic acid that can be avoided by controlling the humidity level of a person’s home and preventing the accumulation of volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere. In this case, calling for an AC repair in Edmonton will allow the technician to inspect the issue and find the best possible solution.

Signs Of An AC Evaporator Coil Leak

Before scheduling an air conditioner repair in Edmonton, there are a few signs to look out for that indicates a leak in your evaporator coil:

  • The air being released back out through the vents is warm.
  • The air conditioner continuously starts and stops without cooling down your home properly.
  • The air conditioner doesn’t turn on.
  • Liquid pooling under or around the air conditioner.
  • Weird noises like hissing and banging coming from the AC system.

When you start noticing these signs, the first thing to do is switch your system off before scheduling an AC repair in Edmonton. This will prevent your system from wearing out any further.

Steps For Homeowners To Prevent Leaks In Their AC Evaporator Coils

Rather than wait for the situation to happen, here are ways to help prevent your evaporator coils from getting a leak –

  • Sign up for a long-term maintenance service with a professional HVAC company. This will ensure that your coils are cleaned regularly to remove any corrosive buildup.
  • Reduce the use of unstable organic compounds in your house. This will reduce the coil’s degradation as well as improve the quality of air inside your home.
  • Consider investing in an air purification system that also has UV lighting to reduce the volatile organic compounds.

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