Installing an AC might take a day at most if you hire a professional. However, the preparation before the AC installation takes time. You must ensure that the AC you are buying for your home is well-suited for the size of your house.
Plus, you must consult an HVAC contractor about the cost of a new AC, prices of installation, and maintenance before you jump into investing. To get a clear picture of what happens during an AC installation, keep reading.

Steps Involved In An AC Installation Process

DIY is not an option if it’s almost Summer. Wasting time on trials and errors is just going to cost you more money and time. So, if you hire a professional for air conditioner installation in Edmonton, here is what the expert is going to do –

  • Planning the whole process of replacement of old AC & installation of your new air conditioner

AC installation in Edmonton by HVAC experts is a smooth & stress-free process. It begins with proper planning to avoid mistakes. When you hire an HVAC contractor for an AC installation, they schedule their services according to your convenience and budget. The work begins when you book a service right away!

  • Gathering information during the home estimate and inspiration

A home inspection is crucial before the installation of a new AC in your home. The HVAC expert checks the size of your home, the area where the old AC unit was installed and asks for your requirements before installation. By collecting this information, the HVAC experts give you the best cooling solutions.

  • The arrival of the technical experts for installation of your AC

While installing an AC, a technician needs the right tools and resources. Therefore, the professional makes sure that they have all the equipment & tools required for the AC installation. By being prepared, they save time and ensure that the AC installation work is over within a day.

  • Removing your existing air conditioner & readying the area for the new AC

If you have an old AC installed and haven’t replaced it, installing a new AC will take more time. However, seasoned technicians have the skills to do it fast. They will remove the existing indoor evaporator coil, copper refrigerant lines quickly. Then they will install new Indoor evaporator coil & copper refrigerant lines. Installation of all other parts does not take more than a few hours.

  • Recheck and Expert Advice

After finishing the AC installation work, the technicians advise you on how to use your new AC. Now, this includes the suggestion on maintenance, how to set the thermostat, etc. Besides, they also run a second check by turning your AC on and ensure that everything is working suitably.

Wrapping Up

Professional HVAC techs always keep you in the loop and walk you through the entire AC installation process. You can request free cost estimates in the beginning too! Therefore, no need to stress, call Mobil Heating & A/C at 780-463-5063 to book your AC installation in Edmonton now!