If you’re a homeowner, you may wonder about the most effective solutions to cool your property or home in the summer months. Although they aren’t always at the forefront of everyone’s minds, mini splits can be the best option for AC installation in your Edmonton house. However, the main question in every homeowner’s mind is whether an air conditioner can cool an entire house.

Can A Window AC Cool A Whole House?

Windows air conditioners are created to cool a specific space or one room. It’s almost impossible for this type of cooling system to cool the entire home. What you can do is with an air conditioner that is window-mounted; you can cool adjacently connected rooms using an air conditioner with a single window. However, there’ll be uneven cooling.

If you wish to air-condition more than one part of your home with only one air conditioner, it is recommended to purchase an additional unit and put it in place. Window air conditioner installation in Edmonton is not a full-home cooling system.

Window air conditioners do not provide the uniform temperature that the whole-house cooling system will provide. Therefore, before setting up an air conditioning system, you must be cautious regarding your budget, demand, and final result.

Do Mini-Splits Work For An Entire House?

Ductless mini-splits can provide air conditioning for the entire home. Mini-splits work better than central AC since air is distributed through refrigerant lines rather than ducts. In addition to increasing mini-split efficiency, zones can be constructed to keep different temperatures at different house rooms.

A mini-split ductless can be described as an HVAC unit that can be permanently installed inside your home. It comprises two major parts: an indoor air handler also called a head unit or evaporator, and the outdoor part, which houses the compressor, which pumps refrigerant throughout the system.

Models are available in various sizes and provide sufficient cooling and heating for as many as four air handles. If you require more evaporators than this, you can add a second compressor to provide additional power to head units and increase the capabilities and range of the equipment.

Mini-splits can be a highly efficient method of heating and cooling your home. They are becoming increasingly popular in additional rooms or areas in homes which require a bit of cooling or heat without the difficulty of putting in new ductwork.

In addition, they are an easy option to set up the heating in difficult-to-access living spaces like attic conversions; mini splits are an ideal option for air conditioner installation in Edmonton.

It’s not an extremely powerful system, especially in homes with large spaces – a ductless mini-split will be capable of the job. When the right size system is installed, it can cool the house from the basement to the roof.

The Bottom Line

If you’re considering installing a ductless mini split but are concerned about the possibility of it cooling the entire home, call Mobil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc today to discuss the possibilities and what to do next. We’ll visit your house and explain how the system functions.

We’ll also provide expert assistance on the right size and kind of system you require, giving you confidence that you’re making the right investment. Call us at 780-463-5063 for an AC installation in Edmonton.