If you’re planning a replacement of your furnace or considering the possibility of a new furnace installation in Edmonton, the cost is a key aspect in your decision-making. Another factor to consider in deciding on replacing your furnace is the time spent during the installation of the furnace.

Time Taken To Install A Furnace

Installation of a furnace usually takes between four and six hours. The installation time can be extended depending on the furnace’s size, the house’s size, and the manufacturer.

Factors That Impact The Installation Of Furnaces

Many elements influence the installation of furnaces and the time needed to set them up. Most of the time, replacing the furnace should not take more than 8 to 12 hours, but certain factors could extend the procedure.

  • The Size and Capacity: Installing a larger furnace with components and ductwork takes longer than smaller furnaces.

  • Type: you can choose between gas and electric-driven furnaces based on the best fit for your home and your needs. However, the installation time shouldn’t be the primary aspect. Electric furnaces require only two hours to set up compared to gas furnaces.

  • Electric Installation: The electrical system for each house is different. In certain situations, our HVAC expert will require additional wiring to support the equipment to increase capacity and ensure safety. It could be necessary to replace old and worn wiring with new electric lines. This will increase the total time of furnace replacement in Edmonton.

  • The Type Of Work: If you require just the installation of a new furnace set up, it will typically be completed in between 8 and 12 hours. In some cases, other components of the HVAC installation might need to be replaced. Adding these components will mean a longer time for installation, and the complete task could take longer.

  • Replacement: During furnace replacement in Edmonton, certain steps are required to prolong the time between removal and installation to ensure that process is completed safely with the correct precautions.

  • Other elements: Occasionally the furnace installation may require more time than it normally take as setting up an HVAC system or certain components might take additional time during adverse conditions.

What To Expect from The Installation Process?

Here are the basic steps our technician who is trained will follow when replacing your furnace:

  • Before Installation: Our technician will take an introductory tour of your home, including the area for installation, before planning an actual installation. They will be able to discuss any particular details about the replacement, including repairs that will need to be completed. They should also be able to give an estimate of the project’s price and the time frame they will need to finish it.
  • Post-Installation: Following the successful installation of your new furnace, our technician will review the post-installation checklist with you as the homeowner to verify that they’ve completed the job promptly and have met or exceeded your expectations. Additionally, our technician can answer any questions or concerns.

Hiring an insured and licensed heating service provider must ensure the replacement process is carried out efficiently and professionally. If you are looking for furnace installation in Edmonton, contact Mobil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Call us at 780-463-5063