AC Installation Cost

For people living in areas with extremely hot summers, it is a wise choice to invest in an air conditioner. Planning to get an air conditioner installed? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the installation process – 

Central Air

Central air uses a single unit to cool down the entire home. There are many styles and price ranges based on the type of device you choose. The national average cost of AC installation in Edmonton is $5000 to $12000. 

Cost Per Square Foot

The price for installing an air conditioner varies based on the system size, the necessity of installing ducts, and efficiency. On average, to install a new air system, the cost varies from $2.50 to $6 per square foot. These charges apply for almost every ho, but the cost may go up if you live in hot regions. This rise in cost is because hot regions require the device’s efficiency to be more than average.

Costs Based On The Type

The central air conditioners have several ducts that vent into the room, providing cooling air circulation. There are two types of these air conditioners – 

  • Split Systems

 These systems are the most common type. The condensing unit of these systems is installed outside, whereas the evaporative coil is installed indoors. The refrigerant is carried in between these two using a copper tube.

The split AC system costs around $2500 to $7500. If you have a furnace installed already and want to install an air conditioner, a split system is the best choice. It is ideal for installing an AC when your furnace is new, and your ducts are less than 15 years old. Installing a split AC system will help you reduce costs. If you do not have a furnace, you can choose an all-in-one package and save on installation costs and additional parts.

  • Packed System

This system has both its evaporative coil and condensing unit in a single unit. The packed AC unit costs around $3000 to $8000. These types of AC systems are rare. It is ideal for installing packed systems when you have only a tiny space for an air conditioner device. 

This system has higher maintenance than a split AC system as it is installed outside. This is because instead of a tube connecting two pieces, it has a single unit. The repair is also difficult for this type of AC system when any one part is damaged. Schedule an air conditioner installation in Edmonton to avoid damages and let an expert handle the installation.


The installation charges vary based on the efficiency of the device too. This efficiency is measured as SEER(Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). The process for different SEER ratings is given below – 



13 – 14

$1500 – $3000

15 – 16

$2000 – $4000

17 – 18

$2500 – $5000

19 – 21

$3000 – $6000

22 – 24

$5000 – $7000

Go through all the prices before you book an air conditioner installation in Edmonton. For further queries, visit Mobil Heating & A/C or contact us at 780-463-5063.