AC Compressor

The compressor of your air conditioner is its most important part. It keeps the AC running smoothly and helps you control the indoor air quality of the house. Needless to say, if your air conditioner is not working, you must call an expert for AC repair in Edmonton as soon as possible.

Identifying signs of damage in the AC compressor needs a professional eye. However, most people can understand if their AC compressor is not working. It usually includes physical changes that you can see or feel, such as strange noises coming from the AC. The reasons for your AC compressor not working are plenty. For instance, there could be a dirty coil or filter. In such cases, remember to call a professional for air conditioner repair in Edmonton

Here is a guide that explains 5 signs that your AC compressor is not working – 

  • Your AC is Emitting Warm Air

Lukewarm air or hot air is a sure sign of something being wrong with the compressor. This happens when the compressor is unable to pump refrigerant or Freon. This can be caused due to leaks, or when the AC is low on refrigerant. If your AC is d losing freon, then it causes strain on the compressor. So when you have a refrigerant leak in the AC, the compressor can stop working.

  • You Have a Noisy Condenser

If your AC is emitting strange noises, chances are that your compressor needs a check-up. Any kind of weird noise emitted by your condenser means an electrical failure. For instance, there might be a displaced fan making the noise. In this case, the AC starts making more noises and you might need to troubleshoot the condenser.

  • The Condensing Unit Starts Vibrating

This happens if your AC compressor is hard starting. You might have trouble turning the AC on. If the condensing unit is vibrating, it might be due to any reason, for instance, a loose fan. It can happen due to multiple reasons, such as the compressor having a ‘hard start.’ This simply means that your compressor is unable to start quickly or is taking some time.

  • Your Circuit Breaker Trips

Your circuit breaker may trip because your compressor is drawing too much power. In case of overloading, the circuit breaker trips, and the power supply is cut off. By cutting off the power supply, your circuit breaker saves you from accidents. 

  • You Can’t Turn On Your Compressor

One of the first signs of distress in your compressor is a ‘hard start.’ This happens when you cannot turn on your compressor. You might notice that the fan is working properly but your compressor won’t turn on. In this case, power might be flowing into your HVAC unit. When the compressor doesn’t turn on, your first step should be to lower the thermostat and try. However, if the problem persists, dial the number for ac repair in Edmonton as soon as possible.

Fooling around with your AC is a dangerous idea. It is always better to call a professional in cases of maintenance as they have a trained eye to troubleshoot the AC. If you’re looking for ac repair in Edmonton, give Mobil Heating & A/C a call at 780-463-5063.