With the hustle of daily life, it’s easy to overlook the need of keeping our HVAC systems in good working order. An annual cleaning is required for your furnace to preserve its performance and lifetime. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have to fix or replace your furnace.

We recommend doing it at least once a year or every six months if you use it too frequently or have pets in the house. You can clean your furnace independently or contact a professional like heat pump repair Edmonton to handle it for you.

How Often Should You Clean Your Furnace?

Experts recommend having your furnace serviced before the cold weather arrives to maintain it in good working order and stop it from breaking down when you need it most. Manufacturers recommend inspecting and servicing furnaces once a year, in the spring for AC and the fall for heating and furnaces.

Is Time Taken to Clean a Furnace?

A professional furnace cleaning takes about 1.5 to 2 hours on average. However, depending on the state of your furnace, the technician might require additional time to clean your furnace thoroughly.

The following things are included in a furnace cleaning:

  • Examining and cleaning the heat exchanger.
  • Ascertain that the natural gas pressure is set according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • All safety controls should be tested and ensured to be in functioning order.
  • Inspection and replacement of air filters.

What are The Benefits of Getting a Furnace Cleaned?

  • According to some experts, lack of maintenance is to blame for up to 75% of no-heat calls in the winter. A poorly maintained furnace can abruptly stop working, leaving your family in the cold.
  • It could potentially damage your health.
  • A furnace inspection can detect a carbon monoxide leak, otherwise difficult to detect as this gas is colorless and odorless.
  • Your furnace might be red-tagged if it’s in a dangerous state, which means the furnace can’t be used until it’s fixed.
  • If you don’t maintain your furnace, whether it’s gas or electric, it will run less efficiently, work more, and cost you more money in the long run.

Is Furnace Cleaning Cost-Effective?

Furnace cleaning’s primary goal is to keep your furnace from breaking down, saving you money on repairs, parts, or, worse, a new furnace. A furnace clean also alerts the expert to any potential future problems with your furnace.

Maintaining the energy efficiency of your furnace can also be accomplished by cleaning it. Furnace cleanings not only save you money on repairs, but they can also protect you from dangerous situations. The air quality in your home might be harmed by not cleaning your furnace.

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