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In a furnace, when the elements are boiled, Carbon and oxygen are reacted together. It releases Carbon dioxide and heat as the reaction is exothermic- it releases toxic heat-generating particles. The Limit Switches is used because:-

  • Limit switches are used to keep toxic heat particles from spreading. The limit switch turns off the burner because if the temperature near the heat exchanger grows excessively, the heat exchanger can break, releasing hazardous combustion remnants into your house.
  • It will not enable the fan to operate until the air generated within the furnace is sufficiently heated.

Limit Switches or “high limit switch” is a machine, and there are chances of machine malfunction.

Symptoms of a Bad Limit Switch on the Furnace

Some of the symptoms from where we can check the malfunctioning are:

  • The constant operation of your furnace’s compressor seems to be the most typical symptom of a faulty limit switch. Even as the limit switch prevents the fan from turning on until the warm air reaches a particular temperature, it also prevents the fan from turning off when the air cools to a given temperature. Whenever a limit switch fails, it may not turn off at the end of a cycle, culminating in a blower that runs continuously.
  • A second typical issue with a limit switch is that it will not enable the furnace to run.

Ex:- If the airflow in your system is considerably decreased due to a blocked air filter, there will be insufficient air moving through the system, which might lead the heat exchanger to overheat. When the limit switch detects this, the burner is turned off.

  • A blower fan that does not turn off occurs when the switch merely fails to turn off the fan. After that, the burners have been turned off, and the air exchanger has cooled sufficiently.
  • Automatic Tripling of the Reset button in the machine is one more symptom for the same.

Repair and Maintenance

A faulty switch might potentially prohibit the furnace from working at all. The furnace will not run if the breaker has totally failed and is trapped in the open circuit (off) configuration. Frequent overheating can have the same result.

If your machine is not working correctly, keep a close eye on the repairs and maintenance of the Machinery. You must reset the device after a given period.


Furnace serves multiple purposes for homes and industry. It needs to be repaired and maintained regularly. Some symptoms show the system is not performing well. Some of the symptoms are listed above.

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